The end is nigh

200 x 140 cm

Solar Plate Etching, 2014


I like a good sign, and I love a bad sign. Everything is so polished these days, with high production values. Or maybe that’s just when you’re shacked up with a graphic designer?

I made this sandwich board. For my degree show, originally had ‘Contemporary Art’ on the front, and ‘My Arse’ on the back. It’s hard to imagine I was a mature student – I suspect that maturity may always elude me (as will the reverence given to art).

A solarplate print is produced by exposing a steel-backed plate light-sensitised with polymer material. Expose to light etches into the polymer plate producing your etching plate. This was developed as an alternative to hazardous printing techniques used in etching. It is a simple, safer, and fast – however ideally you need a light box (or a reliable source of sun).