That's just the way it is

Approx 128cm x 3178cm

Mixed media on cradle board.


I think this is the beginning of a series of paintings. I’m really happy with the colours, the details. The scale makes it impossible to ignore. It’s playful, but not superfical.

That’s just the way it is – refers to a passive acceptance of whats happening around us.

The Butterfly in the bottom left, refers to the butterfly effect, how what we do has consequences. The ‘take action ‘ is from a collagraph series. It’s recycling. The polar bear is a common symbol of the tragedy of global warming. The figure at the centre bottom is throwing their arms in despair. This does not help. This could be me, I feel that I have little impact. Woolworths symbolises consumerism but is also ironically extinct. I also have my first-ever Saturday job at Woolies. The oranges and blues represent extremes of climate. There’s loads more in there if you take a look, but I’d rather you explore the piece for yourself! What’s it all about Coco Pops, is the second in this series.