3 coffee cups

100 x 250 cm


Collagraph, 2020

I like the way in this collagraph print the colours and textures kind of look like marbles. I think it’s the colours and tones.

Created by making Collagraph plates from the bottom of disposable coffee cups. The paper is sealed using shellac. Shellac is a natural resin secreted by female lac bugs in the forests of India and Thailand. It’s usually used for french polishing furniture but makes a great sealant for collagraph plates. The plate is still delicate so only short runs of prints can be produced.

Collagraph paper or card plates are sealed with shellac and can be created to make intaglio or relief prints.  I use my coffee cup collagraph plates to create intaglio prints so there is a significant amount of pressure on the plate as it goes through the press. Which means I can only get short runs. Each coffee cup print is unique, with no uniform colour or variable plate layout.

I have a coffee cup collagraph print included in the Cowprint 1oth Anniversary exhibition at Southampton City Art Gallery from 29th October 2022 – 4th February 2023. Cowprint is a Southampton-based Printmakers group.

On every collagraph page, I have put a link to another collagraph artist. Often the plate itself is a beautiful object in its own right. Emily Harvey is The Curious Printmaker who makes some really interesting work. If you’re interested in the processes and techniques of collagraph prints I’d recommend a good look around her site. She’s really generous in sharing her knowledge and experience.