Take Action - Coffee Cup Collagraph Prints

350 x 350 cm

Collagraph, 2020


Created by creating Collagraph plates from the bottom of disposable coffee cups. During the covid pandemic, I could no longer use my reusable coffee cup in my local coffee shop.  I do love a good coffee, but hated this one-use sensibility – so I created collagraph plates with the sides and bottom. Craving into the surface, and building up the surface with carborundum grit and waste paper before sealing with shellac. The 12th Circle is made from an iron-on-patch declaring ‘take action’ and acknowledges that really recycling a disposable cup does not really do enough to address our biggest global issue.

Collagraph paper or card plates are sealed with shellac and can be created to make intaglio or relief prints.  I use my coffee cup collagraph plates to create intaglio prints so there is a significant amount of pressure on the plate as it goes through the press. Which means I can only get short runs. Each coffee cup print is unique, with no uniform colour or variable plate layout.

On every collagraph page, I have put a link to another collagraph artist. Here it’s Jill Roe. I met Jill did a year-long course at the sadly closed Red Hot Press. Jill manages to get delicate details and captures these birds’ characteristics, no mean feat in this medium.