Submitting and exhibiting – Getting out there.

March 10, 2023News
Where is the Spring? Where is the Love? As I type this, I'm looking out the window, waiting for the rain to stop and wondering whether the dog walk calls for thermals. Totally unacceptable. But I guess that's life, and we have to work with what we have. Since my last entry I've moved, only [...]

So to 2023

February 16, 2023News
So to 2023 As we pass the hump of February, nudging towards Spring, we are currently gaining 2 minutes of sunlight a day. Before you know it, we'll be ditching the thermals, dusting off the BBQ and enjoying some natural Vitiman D.  I'm happy,  feeling like my art practice this year is off to a [...]

Controlling the narrative – the nature of truth.

January 4, 2023News
Controlling the narrative – the nature of truth. Challenge does not have to be undermining - maybe it could even help us repin our foundations. But the people who are served by a status quo are going to defend it by hook or by crook. Or by controlling the narrative. There are people in the [...]

Thoughts on creativity

October 17, 2022News
I’ve been thinking and reading about the nature of creativity recently. Love a bit of navel-gazing. Here are some of my thoughts.   In On Connection  Kae Tempest explores how and why personal creativity can give us a deeper self-awareness and connection with the world and our relationship to the wider world. Insightful and beautifully [...]

Writing my artist statement and generally getting myself together.

July 31, 2022News
I can talk to most people, and as a marketing professional, I often have to. Yet as soon as it is my art in the context of 'marketing',  I clam up. This makes promoting myself as an artist tricky. My levels of overthinking and procrastination over my artist statement are off the scale. I've tried [...]